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Creating an Accessible PDF that can be viewed and read by assistive technology is becoming a growing demand. We pride ourselves on creating clean and fully accessible files so that everyone has a chance to hear what you have to say.

Our Process is Simple! Although we can convert existing PDFs to be fully accessible, this method is very time consuming. When at all possible, we prefer to work from the original production files (AKA the working files). These are typically the InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word, etc. We start by cleaning up the "InDesign" file. There are small steps to take when creating any kind of document, steps that lend themselve to good file creation and work conventions that will make the process to accessibility easier.

Once the document has been cleaned, we prep it for export to Acrobat - create a tagged PDF. The fun doesn't stop there. In Acrobat, there are numerouse procedures that must be taken in order for the document to be fully accessible. We call this the PDF clean up phase. During this process we pass the PDF through 3 types of validators that will help isolate any discrepencies with the tags.

The end product becomes a masterpeice. A perfect document.

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